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Disney reinvents Enhanced CDs with CDVU+

Nilay Patel

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Facing ever-decreasing CD sales and the rise of the iTunes Empire, Disney has decided to fight back the best way it can: by innovating tacking on worthless features to a dead format. The company's new CDVU+ format, to be released through its Hollywood Records subsidiary, features "digital magazine extras" like band photos, interviews, lyrics, and photos that can be accessed by sticking the disc into a computer. To increase CDVU+'s appeal, the company has pledged to develop unique content for the format and not just repackage already-available media -- a promise we've heard about virtually every crazy new format that's come down the pike. Notwithstanding the fact that Steve Jobs is on Disney's freaking board of directors, we're utterly in shock that the company thinks this is actually going to work -- this sort of content has been available and ignored on Enhanced CDs for years. Will anyone ever learn?

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