Mega64 gives Final Fantasy XII a Basch

As if walking around in the guise of androgyny poster person Vaan wasn't humiliating enough, one of the chaps from Mega64 also mimics an early Final Fantasy XII sequence in this latest video. In an attempt to earn some notoriety (just like in the game), the cosplayer proudly declares himself to be "Captain Basch from Dalmasca," consequently facing perplexed stares and the fist of a very angry father. We especially like the man who mistakes Vaan for a Star Wars character. Sir, if you only knew the profound insight your gambit displayed regarding this Final Fantasy in particular.

Fans of public videogame theatrics should note that the Mega64 Time! DVD set is now available to purchase, view and vicariously feel embarrassed about.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.