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Lindy's Mini NAS enclosure hearts your Mac mini

Darren Murph

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If you've managed to resist stacking your Mac mini atop, say, six or seven Mac mini-friendly external devices, consider yourself fortunate. If you have, however, it's likely that you'll be ratcheting things up even higher once you see Lindy's Mini NAS, which unsurprisingly fits comfortably beneath your wee Mac and dishes out data over your network. The chassis is compatible with standard 3.5-inch ATA hard drives, sports a built-in FTP server and support for Samba, but only touts a 10 / 100 Ethernet connection. Moreover, users can connect it directly to a computer via USB in a pinch, and while there's no word on this thing arriving on American soil anytime soon, those in England can snag one now for £64.99 ($132).

[Via PCWorld]

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