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Samsung's SC-X300L wearable camcorder gets reviewed


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Finally, a review is in on the product you've all been hemming and hawing over -- Samsung's head-mountable sports camcorder: the SC-X300L. First things first, let's get this clear: this is a camcorder which mounts to your head via a velcro strap, and it is manufactured by Samsung... got it? The reviewer calls it "cool looking," though we have our doubts, and he seems to have a lot of trouble getting the device strapped on at the right angle. Apparently, after about six tries he got the positioning worked out, and had a lot of fun shooting videos (on an electric motorbike and of his wife unpacking groceries). In the end, however, the verdict seems to be that there are too many buttons, the proprietary Samsung video format makes dealing with files a pain, the resolution (720 x 480) is just so-so, and the lack of still shots is a big minus. For the asking price ($449) it sounds like you might be better off with another, more full featured model -- and a roll of duct tape.

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