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Stealth Computer rolls out LPC-350PCI Little PC

If Stealth Computer's LPC-450 "Little PC" was a little too powerful for you, you may want to consider the company's new LPC-350PCI model, which cuts back on some of the specs but offers a few advantages of its own. The biggest of those is a PCI slot for some added expansion options, although that seems to have come at the expense of the latest and greatest processors, with a Celeron M370 or Pentium M740 your only options here. Otherwise, you'll get up to 2GB of RAM, a standard 80GB hard drive (or optional flash drive), your choice of DVD/CD-RW or DVD-RW drives, and a decent array of ports, including DVI output, FireWire, and three USB ports. If that's not too much of a trade-off for you, you can get one now for just under $1,000 for the base configuration.

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