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Sony XDR-S3HD HD radio hands-on

Ryan Block , @ryan

We got our hands on Sony's so-hot new XDR-S3HD home HD radio. Here's the quick rundown:

We like:
  • Gorgeous, mid-century modern design.
  • Clear, easy to read display, even uses RDS.
  • Phone-like reception meter even works with AM/FM.
  • Decent enough sound output.
We don't:
  • Massive friggin power brick. Oh, and it can't be unplugged from the unit.
  • Annoying to scan channels with the dial.
  • Included aux cable looks like it will fit your iPhone. But it doesn't.
  • Actually still blinks 12:00 if you don't set it. Sheesh.
Peep the photo gallery!

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