LGC07: Buzz! Quiz TV for PS3 coming to Europe in March

Sony is bringing its popular (in Europe, at least) quiz series Buzz! to the PlayStation 3 with Buzz! Quiz TV, set for release in March 2008. The game sports 5,000 questions over five channels: Music, Movies and TV, Sports, Knowledge and The Lifestyle Channel. And, of course, high-definition graphics.

Downloadable Quiz packs will also be released via the PlayStation Store. According to the press release, "Many will be specific to individual countries or even towns – just imagine playing a quiz on your local football team, for example." You can also create your own quizzes and upload them online via MyBuzz community site for others to play and rate.

Online multiplayer is done "Sofa vs. Sofa," according to Sony. Up to four couches can take each other on to see who knows the most trivia -- any higher than four and it screws up the online Feng Shui.

Buzz! Quiz TV is due out in March for Europe. No word yet on a release in other territories.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.