We're not certain it needs to get any easier to post compromising photos to social networking sites, but apparently Panasonic's R&D labs think it's a problem in need of a giant, garish solution: say hello to the Pixi, a concept cellphone dock / cameraphone companion designed to send photos directly from your mobile to mixi, a Japanese MySpace clone. Sliding your phone into the Pixi automatically brings up your photos, and then configuring your phone and sending those latest bleary-eyed bar pics to the web is as simple as smacking one of the six touch-sensitive icons on the unit. Of course, you won't be doing this on the sly -- the unit's bright red shell with carnival-style LED chaser lights might tip off your companions, but if you can't figure out how to email photos to a website from a modern phone, you probably deserve the scorn. Check a video of the concept Pixi in action after the jump.