00hshiny is asking a question about what Hunter pet to get for raiding on WoW Ladies, but something even more interesting struck me about her situation: she's made it all the way to 67 with a pet she's had since the beginning.

I know it happens (my friend went all the way with his first pet), but I've leveled one Hunter and am now working on a second, and I can't imagine leveling all the way up with just one pet-- it would get too boring after a while! Hunters, have you done it?

Of course you'd need to train other pets at some point, just to get more skills. And it's very common for Hunters to reach 70, and then get different pets for different activities-- a PvP pet vs. a soloing or raiding pet. But I wonder exactly how many pets Hunters actually play with (as in, fight with enough to reach the highest loyalty levels). BRK apparently changes pets all the time, but what about the rest of you Hunters? How many pets have you had, in terms of actually using, not just taming for learning skills, from 1-70?

Hunters: How many pets have you had from 1-70?
Just one, we're BFF847 (32.2%)
Two, one for each stable slot479 (18.2%)
Three-- PvP, Raiding, and Solo363 (13.8%)
Definitely more than three237 (9.0%)
From three to ten412 (15.6%)
More than ten but less than sixty185 (7.0%)
One for every level!111 (4.2%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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