MartinLogan Source speakerIf you've never heard properly set-up electrostatic speakers, you've missed out on something a bit different from conventional cones. Electrostats have always been surrounded by a bit of hi-fi snobbery for a number of reasons: they tend to be expensive; the associated equipment to drive them properly is pricey (read: really high current amps); and they just look so different. MartinLogan is hoping to broaden the appeal of electrostats with their new Source speakers. They're not what we'd call cheap at just under $2000 per pair, but their price isn't stratospherically high, either. Because we expect speakers, especially those doing HT duty, to convey a sense of bass "slam," MartinLogan combines the electrostatic panel with an 8-inch aluminum cone woofer. If your whole HT setup is going for the "thin" look, then put these on your short list.

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