Well, I'm afraid you've missed the deadline for entering this week's caption contest. (But never fear -- there will be another chance to win soon!) But you still have a chance to voice your opinion on which of this bunch of captions are the best! The WoW Insider staff has carefully examined every entry and narrowed the list down to ten finalists. And now your votes will determine which of them walks away with a 60-day gamecard or a class t-shirt of your choice from J!NX! For those curious about the contest's official rules, please read them here.

And remember, voting closes on Monday at 9:00 AM EST, so if you have an opinion, be sure to make your vote count!

Who's the winner of our caption contest?
We'll find that lobster and we'll make him turn you back, Steve, you'll see. by Seppe727 (25.7%)
Nothing quite like a day at the beach with a cute chick! by PapaSmurph258 (9.1%)
This was an egg when I started fishing. by baudkarma392 (13.9%)
Horace decided to give up on levelling his fishing after the egg he brought for breakfast hatched before he even made any significant progress... by Leo205 (7.2%)
Tell me if you have heard this one.......Why did the Gnome cross the road? by Proto_166 (2.3%)
Johnny Newb quickly learned that, while he can not mine for fish, he can fish for chicken. by DJScythe17171 (6.0%)
A gnome walks into a bar with a chicken. The bartender says, "where did you get that thing?" The Chicken says "Gnomergon. They've got tons of them all over the place." by Jess305 (10.8%)
As the gnome sat there with his trusty chicken, peacefully fishing, the killer plant got ready to strike. This would be the plant's biggest catch to date, and he would surely win the gnome-eating contest. by Cal264 (9.3%)
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the gnome... fishes tonight. by CaffeineRage95 (3.4%)
First rule of chicken fishing club, don't talk about chicken fishing club! by Paw346 (12.2%)

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