You know how we were having issues with the NeoGeo games on the Virtual Console? Well, someone on these fine internets figured out a fix, although it isn't as ideal as a system update from Nintendo would be. Still, it's not that difficult of a process and allows us to play our games. That's what's most important, after all.

Here's the fix:
  • Boot up your NeoGeo VC game of choice
  • When it loads with the squished screen, hit the Home button on your Wiimote
  • Head into the Operations Guide
  • Once inside, plug your nunchuk controller into your Wiimote, then simultaneously press A+Z+1
  • You should hear a sound, signaling that the Wii has been set to Interlace mode
  • Enjoy.
Now, once done, all of your NeoGeo games should run fine, meaning you won't have to do this for every game.

[Thanks, Jason!]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.