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How do you sync multiple Macs?

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo
Merlin Mann at 43Folders wants to know how you keep your Macs in sync (other than dot Mac, of course. That's the obvious choice).

Are you using a custom-built solution, commercial products or a combination? I use this combination:
  1. iDisk for files. Any "reference" material I may want access to - documents for a project, receipts, confirmation emails, etc. - live on my iDisk. I've created a folder called "Reference," which in turn contains 26 sub-folders, labeled "A" through "Z" for simple alphabetical filing.
  2. Google Firefox browser sync handles my web bookmark synchronization. It's worked flawlessly since day one, which is a lot more than I can say for .Mac bookmark sync. All that's required is Firefox and a few minutes time for the initial upload to Google's servers.
  3. Highrise by 37signals manages my contact information, as well as conversations I want to save or that need follow-up. It's a terrific tool.
How about you? Share your answers with Merlin and your fellow TUAW readers. Because sharing is caring.

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