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Funcom creates a variable rating system for Age of Conan

Mike Schramm

Rog's got an interesting tip on something Funcom is doing to try and keep Age of Conan playable by everyone-- implementing a server-side rating system. Most MMOs, as you might know, rate their games, but then have to put a big warning on the side that says something like "online content may change rating," because they don't have control over whether players in the game can do anything to turn a T rated game into an M one.

But Funcom is apparently planning to change graphics on the server side, depending on what game you've bought at the store. So for instance, if you've purchased a T-rated version of Age of Conan, you won't see as much blood as if you bought the M version. And putting it all server side, as Rog says, keeps players from messing with their settings and seeing the higher-rated gore.

Very interesting. I really wonder if it's worth the time and effort though-- Age of Conan doesn't seem like a game that would appeal to audiences that weren't allowed by their parents to play it. The IP is a little older than most videogames, and MMO audiences in general don't seem to have a problem playing adult games. Does Funcom really think that by varying the level, they'll pick up enough extra accounts to make all the graphics and coding worth it?