Pirates of the Burning Sea is coming out in January. That's good.

The preorder was supposed to happen this week, but it got delayed. That's bad.

SOE couldn't get it done in time, and they feel really sorry about it. That's good.

They couldn't get it done because they were running from the fires in California. That's bad.

Unfortunately, Flying Lab can't tell us where we can preorder, when preordering will happen online, or anything else about it besides that it will show up on November 13th. That's bad.

But they can tell us that answers are coming soon, and they even were nice enough to let us download four exclusive tracks from the preorder CD, four mp3s of the port music for each of the various nations. That's good!

Stay tuned for more info about the preorder. Hopefully SOE's employees will be able to get back to their homes safe and sound, and soon enough you'll be able to pick up the preorder box at a game store near you.

Can I go now?

[ via Tobold, with apologies to this obscure show ]

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