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BevyTech's Gadget Bottle: it holds water and gadgets

Darren Murph

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On today's episode of "why didn't I think of that," we present to you BevyTech's Gadget Bottle, which is as self-explanatory as they come. This very standard looking water bottle sports a semi-translucent motif, delightfully vivid orange cap and four bands that keep your gadget of choice strapped into the 4.625- x 2.125- x 1-inch pocket. The bottle itself can hold 22-ounces of your favorite liquid, and the firm's FAQ even states that the bands are designed to not mash buttons at random. Those interested can get their order in now for $8.25, and if all goes to plan, it'll be headed your way late next week. Click on through to take a peek at our favorite example of what this thing can do.

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