Well, I'm afraid you've missed the deadline for entering this week's caption contest. (But never fear -- there will be another chance to win soon!) But you still have a chance to voice your opinion on which of this bunch of captions are the best! The WoW Insider staff has carefully examined every entry and narrowed the list down to ten finalists. And now your votes will determine which of them walks away with a 60-day gamecard or a class t-shirt of your choice from J!NX! For those curious about the contest's official rules, please read them here.

And remember, voting closes on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST, so if you have an opinion, be sure to make your vote count!
Who's the winner of our caption contest?
Blizzard shows off what the original 8 races will look like as Death Knights.296 (8.9%)
A group of casuals, still trying to decipher the Burning Crusade attunement chart.467 (14.0%)
So this is what it feels like to be legacy content.263 (7.9%)
Ok, this is all very nice, and I appreciate people not 'loot whoring' but would one of you TAKE THE DAMN EPIC so we can move on?424 (12.7%)
So just where is Godot, anyway?169 (5.1%)
"Alright, so 'Thomas the Accountant,' roll your tax check?" "Critical fail! Audited again! I hate these stupid fantasy roleplaying games."184 (5.5%)
PRODUCT WARNING: Use of two or more "orc belch" scented candles in one room will slough off our skin & innards. May contain lead. -- Product of Chainah.58 (1.7%)
Steve: Hello everyone. My name is Steve, and I was killed by a Warlock. Group: Hello, Steve! Group Counselor: It's ok, Steve, we're here to support you!863 (25.9%)
The bodies were found in one of the rooms of Scholomance, the people displayed in this picture were identified as employees of the instance. The police believes they died of boredom waiting for 5-man groups to enter the instance. The piece of paper you se203 (6.1%)
"You open the door and see a group of human adventurers, now roll for initiative."406 (12.2%)

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