Tim Goodman, television critic of the San Francisco Chronicle, is one of the few critics of any stripe that I enjoy reading. It's not so much that I agree or disagree with whatever he's saying; it's more that I love his style. On a recent post for sfgate.com, he makes a slight poke at Second Life when talking about CNN's announcement that they'd be opening an island there. Calling residents 'sexless losers who can't cope with reality' first, then retracting it impishly immediately thereafter is enough to win points from me.

And then he makes a joke about Fox news being more influential than CNN which is so true it holds up in SL as well. I'd like Mr. Goodman to do a whole piece on SL, except there's no connection with television there ... oh wait, he must've said something about that CSI: NY episode. Or Law and Order? The Office? No? Anyone? Bueller?

[Via sfgate.com]

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