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Cambridge SoundWorks intros i765 radio / iPod dock


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Those looking for a few more features than your standard iPod dock has to offer may want to take a gander at Cambridge Soundworks' new i765 system, which packs in a CD / DVD player and a radio in addition to the usual accommodations for your iPod of choice (including the touch and other recent models). That DVD player, of course, means you'll also be able to hook the unit up to your TV, although it appears that you'll have to make do with either s-video or composite cables. Otherwise, you can expect a sizable LCD display that provides track details, along with a standard remote control, and a built-in powered subwoofer that Cambridge Soundworks claims will help to deliver "rich, natural sound" that's capable of "filling any room of the home." All that sound doesn't come cheap, however, with this system setting you back a full $500.

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