Evesham unveils the Zieo NX600-HDX Core 2 Extreme laptop

It's just been a few months since Evesham introduced the Zieo N6 series, but it's already revving the top of the line -- say hello to the NX600-HDX, which is just the second laptop we've seen to feature the X7900 Core 2 Extreme processor. Apart from that 2.8GHz C2E chip, a bump to 4GB of RAM, and Vista Ultimate, the HDX is pretty much the same as the other N6 machines: 17-inch screen, 512MB NVIDIA 8700M GT graphics, 200GB disk, and a 2-hour battery life. Of course, 8.9 pounds of power is going to cost you -- Evesham is listing the HDX at a staggering £1899 ($3884).

[Via Stuff]