Just when we started to expect the Nielsen VideoScan numbers courtesy of Home Media Magazine on Fridays, they mix it up and release 'em on Monday -- we'd bet the holiday is to blame. The other curve ball this week, is the lack of a top ten list -- which we also hope is also due to a holiday and not a permanent deal. The lack of a list makes this a hard post, when only faced with the market share numbers. What we can tell is that Blu-ray titles were a little more popular this week than last, leading HD DVD by 66/34 (1.94:1) compared to last week's 65/35. We can also safely assume that Shrek, and the recent influx of HD DVD players, wasn't enough to make a dent in Blu-ray's new releases and recent price cuts. We suspect that HD DVD won't fare as well next week either, with Blu-ray's hot Die Hard franchise hitting the shelves while HD DVD really only had a very expensive Star Trek box set.

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