Piracy ahoy! AM3 and Dai Nippon Printing have partnered up to release the DSVision digital content platform for the Nintendo DS in Japan. The device -- which is officially licensed by Nintendo -- features a MicroSD flash card and a standard-sized DS card adapter. Users will be able to download movies, music, books, and manga from the DSVision website, and download the content onto the MicroSD card for portable viewing/listening.

Of course, we're more intrigued by the device's ability to put other content on the DS. Piracy? Who said anything about piracy? The DSVision could do a lot to mainstream the DS's homebrew development community, especially with its official endorsement from Nintendo.

DSVision is due for release in Japan this January, at a suggested retail price of ¥3,980 (or approximately $37 USD). The online digital content store isn't due to open until March. We smell a hot import item...

[Via Engadget]

Update: Added that this is a Nintendo-licensed peripheral. Thanks, Crono & Hakobus

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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