CBS8 News in San Diego recently took a visit to Sony Online Entertainment's offices, where a reporter was taken through EverQuest II character creation and visited the Frostfell Wonderland Village. It's a fairly lighthearted report, and we're told inaccurately that the game is "played by millions worldwide", but it's nice to see games in the media occasionally without the attached list of associated behavioral problems, or a death tally.

The story is taken from a hugely mainstream perspective, with no real details about the game being given at all, but you do catch glimpses of the Frostfell holiday event. The report was done to present EQ2 as a holiday gift idea, so I suppose it's wrong to expect a meaty and thorough piece -- as one of SOE's representatives tells the reporter in the video, "Jeff, you're a newb. You're a newbie."

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