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Alpine set to introduce PND-K3 GPS unit


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We already caught sight of the new Alpine headunits that leaked out in the company's 2008 catalog, and the folks at Navigadget have now brought our attention to a new GPS unit that made an appearance in the very same PDF. Available in PND-K3 and PND-K3msn versions (the latter of which adds support for MSN Direct), the unit boasts a standard 4.3-inch touchscreen, along with pre-loaded maps of the US and Canada, six million POIs, an SD card slot for expansion, bulit-in Bluetooth for handsfree calling, and an added cradle on the MSN-specific model. Still no word on a price or exact release date, but we'd expect those little details to make themselves known when the unit makes its official debut at CES. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Navigadget]

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