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Infinity intros Classia Series loudspeakers

Darren Murph

Infinity is hitting us up with a new line of loudspeakers just in time for CES, and we must say, these beasts are quite the attractive bunch. Included in the family is the C205 compact bookshelf monitor, a wall-mountable center channel speaker (CC225), floorstanding tower (model C336) and a wall-mountable surround speaker with selectable monopole / bipole / dipole / dual-speaker operation (C255ES). Each of the aforementioned speakers utilizes CMMD driver technology, and while there's no word on the frequency response / power handling figures, we do know that the whole range -- which will be priced between $329 and $899 -- will be available in glossy black and cherry-wood veneer in "early 2008." Another shot after the jump.

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