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Slingbox PRO HD, BlackBerry SlingPlayer hands-ons

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We'll be honest, there's really not a ton to say about the Slingbox PRO HD unit we played with -- it was just an empty device shell, absolutely no guts inside. So we kind of have to take it on Sling's word that the 1080i video it's capable of streaming over your network (or internet connection, if you're so lucky) is, in fact, as efficiently hardware-compressed as they claim -- not that we've any reason to believe it won't be. Of course, for many a BlackBerry toting suit and an increasing number of casual RIM users, the new SlingPlayer client is a godsend. While the build we played with wasn't entirely bug-free (scrolling with the Pearl's pearl seemed a bit wonky), the streaming worked pretty well over EDGE on that low res screen, and that's the important part. Check out the hands-on shots below.

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