The lovely, charming, and handsome folks over at DeLorme are all hot and bothered about their company's latest laptop and UMPC compatible GPS unit, the Earthmate GPS LT-40. The little yellow device sports an STMicroelectronics Teseo chipset, which apparently improves upon the heartbreaking and sub-par "satellite signal retention" and "positional accuracy" you've come to expect from other providers. The chip is even capable (they say) of finding your location in hard-to-reach areas, like around skyscrapers, or in a black hole. Additionally, the LT-40 is Galileo-ready, and uses a little something known as "Kalman filtering," which can function well even in high RF areas. The LT-40 will go on sale in April 2008 for $69.95 coupled with the Street Atlas USA 2009 software. Woo!

[Via Navigadget]

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