Intermittent asset problems have plagued the Second Life grid since approximately 1AM SLT (US Pacific) today. Residents report problems taking objects, rezzing objects, accessing inventory and creating/modifying objects.

At 5:29AM SLT, Linden Lab acknowledged the problem, and reported that they were investigating. However, Linden Lab closed grid logins, and disconnected users slightly over an hour later, at 6:53AM SLT. No ETA on repairs, or details as to the nature of the problem are available to us at the present time.

Problems with the asset cluster have been ongoing since Wednesday's update on 2 January, and while a capacity upgrade to those systems is promised for this Wednesday (9 January) it is not clear if that capacity upgrade is related to the difficulties that Second Life has been experiencing.

Update: 8:20AM SLT - The problem apparently is not yet resolved, but the grid has reopened.

Update: 8:34AM SLT - Linden Lab reports that things are now resolved.

Update: 11:15AM SLT - Users are reporting disappearing assets and related problems again.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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