Toshiba's portable DVD players aren't anything to write home about, but we figured it prudent to dish out the details regardless. Up first is the budget-minded SD-P71S, which rocks a 7-inch widescreen LCD, a "rubberized black cabinet," three hours of battery life and support for WMA, MP3 and JPEG files. Moving on up, we've got the 9-inch SD-P91S, which touts a swivel screen and dual headphone outputs, and if you're lookin' for the flagship unit, point your attention to the "top of the line" SD-P101S, which includes a 10.2-inch display (800 x 400 resolution), five hours of battery life and a 4-in-1 multicard reader. If one of these catch you just right, you can pick it up for $129.99, $179.00 or $299.99 (in order of mention).

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