What do you do when you've got a hot UI built upon a red-hot touch screen technology? Diversify and conquer, naturally. Today, Neonode is showing off a new media playing GPS device in their booth at CES. The fully functional, engineering prototype may or may not be brought to market under Neonode's brand as they consider licensing their IP to the big SatNav boys. Whatever happens, we likey. They were also showing off concepts of their Neonode MP3 player (not working) and media player (working). While you wouldn't catch us watching a full length video on that tiny screen, we'll dole out the love to Neonode for showing us a glimpse of their future. Click on the through for video of the GPS device or check the gallery for the Neonode media player.
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Video: Hands-on with Neonode media playing GPS prototype and more

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