The big boys of game industry analysis are back to tell GameDaily what they think this new Blu-ray tide of exclusivity will mean to gamers. Sure, the big talk is that Blu-ray winning could mean a PS3 price cut, but that'll only benefit those who don't already have the latest console Kutaragi built. For consumers with a PS3 snug at home, they should breathe a little easier knowing they won't have to buy another HD movie player in the near future. But what do the boys with the crystal balls think?
  • Mike Hickey, Janco Partners: The PS3 will eventually receive an awakening as Blu-ray becomes the winning format, this will lead to larger install base and motivate third-party developers to the PS3.
  • Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan Securities: Says Sony once said 70 - 80% of PS2 owners treated it as their first DVD player, he believes the same will hold true for HD movies -- except that there is currently only a 10% penetration with 1080p televisions. He also says there will be a sales spike later this year coinciding with another price cut.
  • Colin Sebastian, Lazard Capital Markets: He says when consumers decide they "need" a Blu-ray player it certainly can't hurt the PS3, especially if its games improve and hardware prices decline.
  • David Cole, DFC Intelligence: Doesn't believe Blu-ray is a determining factor in the console wars, but it is a nice bonus. He believes if a consumer were stuck choosing between two gaming platforms that were equal, then the Blu-ray might tip them over to the PS3. But he says the list for consumers goes: Price, good exclusive games, and, finally, Blu-ray.
The boys of analysis have spoken, what do the ladies and gentlemen of these here internets believe?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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