Ajoka makes belt buckle, crams a video camera in it

It's not often that we see a pair of new wearable PVRs within the span of 24 hours, but sure enough, Ajoka is launching its Belt Buckle DVR just after we peeked the VIEVU PVR-PRO. 'Course, we're fairly certain this one's arriving a little late to be an official member of the "multifaceted belt buckle" fad, but with all the utility crammed into this one, it's got a fair shot at gaining traction, regardless. As for specs, this hidden camera can record video at a paltry 176 x 144 resolution, and considering that no built-in memory is included, you better bring your own SD card. Also, you can transfer captures and recharge the battery via the USB port, but sadly, no price is disclosed.