You decide '08: The best of Crapgadget at CES

Primaries schmimaries. Your vote is so obviously well spent here: we're asking you to make your selection for best (and by best, we mean worst) Crapgadget of CES. Simply browse through the crap we've assembled below and add your pick to the tally. Hopefully next year you'll be able to call in your vote via Mini Phone while sitting on your Tole Pure.

The nominees
Round 1: the Mini Phone
Round 2: the MP5 player
Round 3: Boxing Champ
Round 4: Fugliest display evar
Round 5: tweety! digital camera
Round 6: The Apple Pie
Round 7: 64MB Beer MP3 player
Round 8: Firetruck with 1.5-inch digital photo frame
Round 9: spy recorder for little girls
Round 10: PC Desktop Duo
Round 11: Janky-ass MP4 watch
Round 12: iPod docking pink plastic purse
Round 13: e-paper display actually paper
Round 14: Hello Kitty with human debris
Round 15: Shredmaster Jr.
Round 16: Music Player Sunglasses
Round 17: the non-existent digital photo frame
Round 18 finale: Tole Pure really is a crapgadget