Gamasutra has a news post for all you tech-heads out there interested in pathfinding technology. It would appear that PathEngine has announced the latest release of its middleware technology, which touts quite a few improvements. On top of all those new performance boosts, the company has also announced some new licensees; Korea-bases Flyff developer Aeonsoft being one of them.

Also, PathEngine let everyone know it was the winner of the middleware category of Game Developer Magazine's annual Front Line Awards. The PathEngine SDK is used in several games such as Granado Espada, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Titan Quest and Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy. We're sure that if PathEngine were here it would like to thank the academy. It does seem like things are going quite well for the company, so don't be surprised if you start to see them in a few more massively games down the road.

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