So while the iPhone and Apple TV got shiny new firmware updates and new features for free today, iPod touch owners will have to lay out $20 to get Mail, Weather, Stocks, Notes, and Maps -- five apps the iPhone's had since day one. That seems like a raw deal to us -- but then again, we're up to our necks in handheld devices that can check email and take notes. So what's it going to be, iPod touch owners -- will you be laying down a Jackson or what?

Are you shelling out to update your iPod touch?
Yes! How else will I know what the weather's like?8203 (19.5%)
Hell no -- and I'm pissed that the iPhone and Apple TV got free updates today and the touch didn't.15401 (36.6%)
Dude, it's called jailbreaking. Have you heard of it?12509 (29.7%)
Who cares? For $20 I can totally get a new Zune tattoo.5987 (14.2%)

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