Episode 21 of the WoW Insider show is live tomorrow afternoon over on WoW Radio, starting right up at 3:30pm EST. And last week's episode was so much fun that we've got the exact same group back together-- John P, Turpster and I will cover everything that's happened in the last week of WoW, including AV imbalances, the QQing over the Ghost Wolves (and why Blizzard was wrong), hitting the gold limit, and when to (and when not to) overheal during raids.

Plus, we'll answer your emails and questions (theshow@wow.com is the address, and we'll be in IRC as usual), and undoubtedly Turpster will have something funny and/or inappropriate to say. Definitely will be a good time-- if you're around tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, log into WoW Radio and give us a listen. See you then.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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