Alright, alright, everyone calm down -- yes, today marks the beginning of 2008's Super Bowl of wireless spectrum auctions, but unfortunately, there won't be much to see. No 24-hour television coverage of the intense action, no live webcams of the FCC's wacky, wild, no-holds-barred trading floors; heck, not even an official update from the Commish or any of the bidders. Why's that? Glad you asked. Let us quickly break down what the auction's all about and what it means to you:

So there you have it. As dry as that summary may be, it pales in comparison to the piles upon piles of literature the FCC has generated (as one might expect from a government bureaucracy of the highest order) and it's really about as boiled down as we can get it for the moment. We won't know who won, where the bidding stands, or what firms plan to do with their blocks until the conclusion of the auction -- a conclusion that could come tomorrow, next week, or next month. Rest assured, though, we'll have plenty more coverage as soon as this all shakes down.