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Motorola and Samsung steal Smartphone market from HTC?


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Although Motorola's market share has been steadily sliding to the delight of Nokia and Samsung, DigiTimes would have you believe that Moto reigns supreme in the global Windows Mobile Smartphone segment. Citing "internal data from Microsoft," the oft-wrong, occasionally correct tattle-rag claims that HTC's share of the WinMo Standard space has declined leaving Moto with the largest market share -- beating Samsung by, "a small margin." This after HTC saw a 50% Smartphone domination during Microsoft's Jul 2006 - Jul 2007 fiscal year. HTC still maintains a 50% market share for WinMo Professional touch-screen devices. Of course, this could be true. After all, Moto has refocused their attention to high-margin, full-featured handsets at the expense of emerging markets and entry level yawners. And you can't swing an HTC Vox without knocking over a dozen Qs. Still, until we hear otherwise, take this rumor with a quarry-sized load of rock salt.

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