Regular readers of our sister site, Wii Fanboy, will probably already know how an investor report revealed that Kirby and Animal Crossing games for the Wii were still on for a 2008 release in Japan.

Fortunately, Siliconera's hawk-eyed Spencer Yip spotted something for DS owners, tucked away near the bottom of the list: DS Novel. It's only listed for Europe currently, but could this be an English language localization of DS Bungaku Zenshuu, the non-game that crammed 100 Japanese literary classics onto a single DS cart? Spencer certainly thinks so, and we're struggling to imagine what else it could be.

If this guess turns out to be correct, would you embrace this as a revolution in reading, or stick to traditional, more dog-eared methods? More to the point, which books would you want to read on your DS?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.