Super Spoiler Bros. Brawl: Major leaked roster update, videos & more

With Nintendo continuing to trickle out official information about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it seems a few early copies have leaked into the hands of gamers in advance of the Jan. 31 Japanese release. As such, there has been an absolute flood of credible images, videos and information about the game leaking onto the 'net throughout the day today.

While none of the following information has been confirmed, we're relatively confident in the veracity of everything below (unlike before). We'll continue to update as further credible information becomes available.

WARNING: Read on only if you want significant portions of the game spoiled.

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Gallery: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

[Update - 1/30, 9:58 AM: We've gotten hold of a slightly more reliable image of the Star Wolf roster and an in-game shot of his introduction. Thanks N3k74r. We've also heard word that the below roster is the final one, but we remind you that none of this information is confirmed and word is still coming in. Also added pictures of Electroplankton and Luigi's Mansion stages.]
[Update - 12:04 AM: Due to claims of Photoshop forgery with the previous Star Wolf image, we are replacing the roster with the prior update until we can corroborate his in-game existence.]
[Update - 10:53 PM: Added an updated roster with Star Wolf unlocked. Thanks xeleion. Still looking for gameplay footage with Wolf in it.]
[Update - 5:51 PM: Added in-game picture of Jigglypuff. We've also heard rumors that Star Wolf is playable, but we haven't found any visual confirmation of this yet. More later.]
[Update - 4:20 PM: Added Port Town stage picture.]
[Update - 3:35 PM: Replaced roster with clearer version that includes Jigglypuff. Still looking for a good gameplay picture with Jigglypuff in it. Thanks, StarFoxA.]


In addition to the 24 characters confirmed by Nintendo (25 if you count Sheik), the following characters have shown up in screenshots leaked onto the web today. It's not yet clear which characters are initially available and which have to be unlocked, or if the above roster represents all playable characters.


Star Wolf



Toon Link (on Wind Waker ship stage)



Capt. Falcon




Mr. Game & Watch



The following characters appear to be bosses from the Subspace Emissary story mode. It's unclear thus far which, if any, will be playable.


Master Hand


Subspace Emissary Robots(?)

The following appear to be newly revealed, playable stages for the free-for-all mode.

Stage Select Screen

Classic Mario Bros.

Sonic's Green Hill Zone

F-Zero's Port Town

Luigi's Mansion


The whole point of the Smash Bros. series is to put together character you usually wouldn't see together. Here are some interesting cut scene shots showing just that.

Peach and Zelda with Snake

Lucario with Snake

Lucario with Meta Knight

Capt. Falcon with Capt. Olimar

King Bowser with King Dedede

Diddy Kong with Falco

Fox with Sheik

Luigi with Ness

Bowser with Ganondorf


Subspace Emissary mode map screen

Giant Evil(?) Diddy

Giant Evil(?) Zelda

Everyone(?) Together

The below player collects some of the highest-quality leaked videos to be found on YouTube, including a few free-for-all-battles, a 14-minutes walkthrough of Marth's Subspace Emissary mode, and introductory cut scenes for many characters. If you haven't seen it already, you can also view the game's introductory movie.

[Much thanks to VGCats and GameFAQs and NeoGAF for compiling much of this information, and thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.