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Apple prepping updated MacBook Pros?

Nilay Patel

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Although it's only been a couple weeks since Macworld, the Apple rumor machine is still going strong -- this time with news of updated MacBook Pros. Apparently a utility called MiniBatteryLogger that provides public tracking stats recently got a record from a machine identifying itself as a "MacBookPro4,1" -- current machines being "MacBookPro3,1." That jives with entries for the same machine in dev builds of 10.5.2, and apparently the machine posted from an Apple IP address -- which means, thrillingly, that Apple has updated MacBook Pros somewhere in development. We would have never guessed. Still, let's hope we see them sooner rather than later -- we might be ambivalent towards the MacBook Air, but we're definitely interested in scoring a multi-touch trackpad.

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