From an MMORPG out of the minds of NASA to gnomes at law, this week's entries are imaginative and absorbing. With another new nominee, Extra Life (thanks Gene!), January's Comic Contest Winner, and some all-around great posts, be sure you settle in before you start reading.
If you're ready to cast your vote, follow through the break!

The best comic is...
Pigs in Space8 (3.8%)
The Circle of Life68 (32.4%)
You Do Realize...10 (4.8%)
LFG 1177 (3.3%)
Hungry Like the Wolf16 (7.6%)
Gourd of Plenty8 (3.8%)
Auction House4 (1.9%)
GM Plague5 (2.4%)
It's the little things78 (37.1%)
Fahad AlBinali4 (1.9%)
The First Step2 (1.0%)

Voting from January 20th 2008 to January 26th 2008
The winners from this week were both ActionTrip comics. This is Your Future and Best Job in the World came in with 26.9% and 21.7% of the vote respectively. Mote Extractor from Dark Legacy Comics came in third with 18.4%.

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