We wanted to take this space to highlight Tim Buckley's seven-part It's a Gamer's Life comic. We were genuinely surprised by how touched we were, even if the text stuck to a very cliché A-B-C-B poetic format. It's a serious webcomic, but it's game-related.

We wish more people out there would enjoy gaming comics that took a more serious tone, but they are few and far between and the few times we've thrown them into the wrapup polls, we've seen more than a few complaints about the lack of humor. Webcomics don't have to be funny to be poignant, but we digress. Start at the beginning and read through the seven-part strip.

Here are our picks for the week's best game-related webcomics, be sure to vote for your favorite! (Polling after the break.)

Webcomic Wrapup: February 3, 2008
Solid Smash Bros. (NInja Ken)70 (5.0%)
Fun with Forge (No Scope)75 (5.4%)
Left behind (pre-spoiler) (VG Cats)283 (20.4%)
Blast from the past (Digital Unrest)73 (5.3%)
GamerPALs338 (24.3%)
Call a timeout (RPG-TV)18 (1.3%)
Red ring of death (Dueling Analogs)183 (13.2%)
# A narrative in Crisis (Penny Arcade)208 (15.0%)
Pigs in Space (Action Trip)141 (10.2%)

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