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Motus Darwin controller to bring that Wii feeling to the PC

Nilay Patel

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We've seen plenty of Wiimote hacks that involve interfacing the controller with a PC, and a ton of Wii KIRFs, but an outfit called Motus is aiming to bring it all together with a new PC gaming controller called Darwin. Based on an existing Motus golf club controller called the iClub (very original, guys), the Darwin tracks motion using gyroscopes, accelerometers and a compass, which allows it to track absolute motion without the need for a sensor bar like the Wiimote. Motus also says that the Darwin is more accurate and faster to relay motion data than the Wiimote, which allows games to more accurately simulate real world activities. That's certainly interesting, but seeing as a Wiimote costs $40 and you can go buy one right now, we'd say the Darwin has quite an uphill battle in store when it hits next year.

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