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Mass Effect to be an EA franchise for 'a very long time'

Justin McElroy

When EA snatched up RPGeniuses BioWare, there were fears that the company's beloved, hand-crafted series would become annually serialized, cogs in the ever-expanding EA profit machine. Now, we've received an early hint that those fears may be totally justified. Speaking with a group of industry analysts, EA Games president Frank Gibeau said that sci-fi opera Mass Effect will be a franchise for the company "for a very long time" ... Boy, that didn't sound sinister at all, did it?

We've known for years that Mass Effect is being developed as a trilogy, but Gibeau's quote sounds ominously like somewhere in the bowels of EA exists alpha builds of Mass Effect: Petz and Wii-exclusive MyMass Effect (now your Mii can get it on with space babes!). We're just looking forward to 2013 when we'll get our hands on the Shepard Vision Cone.