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LG reveals array of Xcanvas Scarlett LCD HDTVs in Korea

Darren Murph

Just in case those wood-framed Xcanvas LCD TVs weren't exactly your style, LG is hoping to please you still with a new line that looks a touch more traditional. The so-called Scarlett series spans from 32- to 52-inches in size, with all but the smallest sporting a Full 1080p resolution. Each set comes doused in black with dark red accents and features "invisible" speakers, a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, HDMI 1.3 and a 4-millisecond response time. Granted, these suckas don't exactly check in cheap, as you'll be looking at 1.45 million won ($1,534) for the 32-incher and a staggering 5 million won ($5,290) for the 52-inch 52LG60FD.

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