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Rockwell Collins to outfit Marines with head-mounted ParaNav units


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It looks like the US Marines will soon be adding yet another bit of gear to their already well-equipped high-tech arsenal, with Rockwell Collins announcing that it's set to provide 'em with 3,000 of its head-mounted ParaNav GPS units, which will be used to give parachutists a bit of guidance assistance. As you can see at the right, the system makes use of a heads-up display for maximum convenience and added sci-fi effect, which is apparently full-color and able to attach directly to parachutist's goggle's or helmet shield. As if that wasn't enough, the rig also sports built-in WiFi to stay connected with the so-called Joint Precision Airdrop System, and it includes some custom circuitry to allow for "dead reckoning calculations" in the event the GPS decides not to cooperate. No PMP functions though, it seems -- or at least none that they're telling us about.

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