An enigma awaits GDC attendees who waltz into the Moscone Center's North Hall, the current home of Microsoft's XNA display. Placed amongst the various screens and demo stations running independent, XNA-powered Xbox 360 games is a sheet bathed in purple lights and mystery. "Coming Soon! Wednesday February 20 11:30AM" declares a nearby sign.

If the sign is to be believed (it seemed friendly enough), something is set to be unveiled at the conclusion of John Schappert's keynote, "A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community." If that's what lies beneath the sheet, it's fair to say that a future wide open is a lot smaller than we imagined it to be. Maybe you have a better idea*?

What lies beneath the mysterious XNA shroud?
The YouTube of games!1045 (15.8%)
Jeff Bell (or as he's known on the streets, "Jeff Bell")259 (3.9%)
Disappointment3756 (56.9%)
A barely functional Net Yaroze228 (3.5%)
One smaller, slightly less mysterious shroud1308 (19.8%)

* Full disclosure: We could make out what appeared to be some widescreen displays. Will they display a new independent game or some new XNA features?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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