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DirecTV offering interactive, multi-screen HD coverage of Masters Tournament

Darren Murph

DirecTV is most definitely going out of its way to appease consumers this month, as shortly after announcing exclusive HD coverage of the South by Southwest Festival, it's now making every golf fan not on DTV incredibly envious. During this year's Masters Tournament, set to open on April 10th, DTV subscribers will have access to an SD and HD Masters Mix Channel which will provide four windows of viewing. Aside from providing a look at CBS / ESPN's live coverage in View One, users will also see a highlight window with continuously updated material including voice-over commentary. View Three provides a look at "Amen Corner" -- holes 11, 12 and 13 -- while View Four showcases the notoriously difficult holes 15 and 16. Better still, each of the bonus channels will sport its own production crew and announcers, and a special recap show will also air on DTV's own The 101. You know that pricey ticket to Augusta you've been eying? Skip it.