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Sprint talks up "Push-to-X," chimes in on future features

Chris Ziegler

Though Direct Connect remains the overwhelming favorite among US carriers for push-to-talk service, Sprint is reminding folks that its capabilities go far beyond talking alone. Fresh PR details some of Sprint's current "push-to-X" services, including push-to-email, push-to-picture (can picture really be used as a verb?), and push-to-send contact info, but thanks in part to a fresh commitment to iDEN, that's just the beginning. Sprint's also revealing a little detail about some of the things will be able to push to do in the future -- push-to-text, push-to-locate, and push-to-information are specifically mentioned -- as new (and unspecified) Direct Connect models supporting broadband data get rolled out. Samsung, LG, what say you?

[Via phoneArena]

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